Opt For Non-Conventional Beauty Products with Sephora

If you are a makeup lover then definitely you are in love with Sephora and just like me you need to buy everything new that they launch. From foundation to eye shadow palette to concealer everything. I got these products using Sephora discount codes. I have reviewed some products below to help you decide and maybe make you love them too. Get amazing discounts through Sephora promo code.

Sephora Favorites Lashstash To Go

Sephora Favorites Lashstash To Go is a mascara et with five different mascaras in black. I was bored of my on mascara and wanted to try something new so I brought this mascara set. There were five mascaras and I wanted to choose the best one out and that was a problem because hello beauty emergency. I tried all of them until I came up with my favorite one. You can use Sephora discount code for AU to buy this kit. And the best part of buying this set was that I haven’t run out of mascara yet and I can switch between them whenever I don’t feel like using one. They actually thicken the lashes and add volume to them. They also give lashes a curled effect.

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip is a set of nude lip essentials. It is a must have for every girl. From spice girl to Anastasia it includes everything. I bought this kit because I wanted to try different products from different ranges. This one includes both lip gloss to lippies. Use Sephora discount codes to buy this kit. Also the tones go with my skin color. They make my lips luscious and soft, giving them a soft and creamy texture or a matte finish depending on the product I use. This kit is a must try for everyday use and it will give you a look that everyone will love.

Sephora PRO Eye shadow Palette

Sephora PRO Cool Eye shadow Palette contains so many beautiful shades from biscotti and peach to hazelnut and cocoa. Trust me you will feel like a pro when you use this palette. When I first saw this palette I thought it was beautiful and I had to buy it. The shades when applied are long lasting and give a refined structure to my eyes. They give an overall glamorous appeal to the look. Go to Sephora and avail Sephora voucher codes to buy this eye shadow palette. The selection of shades is very unique and some of them bring out the brown color of my eyes. Find this beautiful product at Sephora using Sephora Promo codes. It also has some shimmery shades to give that kick to the eyes and discover that diva look.


Sephora Concealer

I wanted a light concealer with a nice coverage. My friend told me to try Sephora’s bright future gel concealer. It actually brightens up my skin and covers my dark circles. Thanks to work overload and lack of sleep I have dark circles. Find this beauty at Sephora store and use Sephora discount code to get the best out of it. I even use it for spot correction. I am in love with this concealer.






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